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Wood Frames A & B & C

Wood Frames A & B & C

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Beautifully hand crafted, locally made wooden frames.

These pine wood frames with a solid backing are perfect for enclosing a mosaic work of art. Create glass and ceramic mosaics directly on the wooded substrate. Also suitable to turn into floating frames, adding a dimensional substrate inside the frame. 



Exterior 15" x 15" 

Interior 12" x 12"

Frame width 1" 3/4 

Depth 0.5" 


Exterior 7".5 x 7".5

Interior 6" x 6" 

Frame width 1" 

Depth 0.5"


Exterior 5" x 5"

Interior 3".5 x 3".5 

Frame width 1"

Depth 0.5"


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