Take Me Higher


Months before the pandemic arrived, I had been thinking of beautifying one of Oakville's most eclectic downtown neighbourhoods, Kerr Village. 

A few weeks into pandemic life, I knew a beautification project was essential. 

With the support of the village's improvement association, I took it upon myself to reach out to the neighbourhood. Sharing the idea of making this mural was very encouraging. Everyone agreed more colour on our city streets was needed. Public art can alter a person's experience, and enhance the neighbourhood overall, so it felt like a direct and dynamic project to undertake. 

After several days playing with a theme, the design was set. Purely optimistic and up-lifting. 

I reached out to a very talented artist from Ottawa, Ryan Smeeton, who had the style and technique of aerosol painting I had in mind, when designing the mural.

The floral portion represents the inevitable life force we all have within us, that keep us going no matter what the circumstances.

The kite represents playfulness and the ability to steer life in a manner that is trusting. Just as a kite plays with the air / wind element , so too can our ideas, dreams, and goals play with the elements to propel us forward. 


When you have the chance to view it in person, I  hope it inspires you, brighten's your day, and propels you to try something new!

I would like to thank the amazing group of individuals who made this project possible. With out their generous contributions, the project would not have succeeded. 



Laura Strath, Natacha Raphael, Lisa Hepfner, Rebecca Crane, Sara Supaamona, Vanessa B., Taryn M. , Laura Richards, Jim and Christina Perdikoulias, Jonathan Scamurra, Kristine Quilitz, Brad Campbell, Jodie L.Schnurr, Christopher Massiah, Paul Jemison, Hillary Scullion, Tara Wilson, Nicole LeBlanc, Polly and Peter Pook, Tracy Nursall, Susan J Carduel, Ray Chisolhm, Cathy Duddeck, Clayton Reynolds, Ruth Anne Winter, Tina Gardin, Maureen Canning , Brett Warren, Sam McDadi, Meghan Clynick, Loretta Phinney, Robert Nashat, Julie Harrison, the Ricci brothers, John Henein, Rogers & Company, Katia Bailey, Tim Woodcock, Harvey's on Lakeshore, Peter Denesi, Geoff and Anne-Marie Shore, Dr. Grace, Dominique Simard, Mikhail Golichenko, Karin Piercey, Nancy Purkis, Michaela Hutchinson, Megan Hagarty Smith, Ray Cheyaheb, Carole Gilbert, Belinda Beer, D.&F. Wallace, Karen Sue-A-Quan, Margaret Connor, Tiberia Kis, Lisa-Kaye Williams, Mary and Allen, Dr. Ronald Gall, and the Kerr VIlage BIA.