Art Matters

Having had the privilege of working with numerous communities and with a firm belief that art can change the world, my visions of beautifying walls and spaces offers an exciting community building experience. 

From murals, to individual art sessions, each project  I undertake gives me the chance to learn about the community members and build on a unique art making experience. 


For murals, we will work together to brainstorm, find a theme, then create a design.  I will guide you to transfer the design from pencil sketch to substrate. The process will be collaborative. Each participant and/or small group will be given separate tasks. 

You will learn to use mosaic tools, learn about various materials, how to shape and set each tile with flow and precision. You will learn to grout and polish, and have OH SO much FUN!!! :)

Mural projects can take anywhere between 4 to 8 weekly sessions. 


For individual mosaic pieces, I will instruct the group on a particular project. Depending on the project, you will have a chance to work with a variety of tools, learn basic mosaic application, and take home a unique work of art. 

Individual projects can be 3 - 6 hours in length, not including the grouting. 

Whether you’re a small rural community, a school, or a corporation, this creative experience will leave you with lasting memories and a whole lot of joy! 

For details and rates contact me directly.

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