Milton Molecule Mosaic 2018

The title for this project came to me as I worked with the youth of Milton on a weekly basis, leading up to the Culture Days event. It was my first collaboration with Art House in Halton. The organization offers free arts programs for children.

The registered sessions ran for four weeks, allowing youth to create a personalized mosaic with the intention of unifying all of the works during the Culture Days event.

It was inspiring to see each individual take on a personal approach with their creative process. Templates of images were provided for them to use as a framework. Some participants added images on top, and others played with the multitude of coloured tiles available to them.

They learned to cut and apply tile, as well as work with adhesives and grout.

Our time together was like a little slice of creative meditation heaven. The kids would come in, work on their mosaic, share stories, laugh, learn about each other, and listen to music.

It was wonderful.