Mariposa Folk Music Festival Mosaic

The Mariposa Folk Festival has been around for over 50 years and this past August I was delighted to have taken part in it.

As this year marks Canada’s 150th, it was a real treat to have been invited by the festival’s foundation to be part of the Artisan’s Village.

With enthusiasm, I packed a bag of concrete, a collection of crockery, glass tiles, my pre-cut board, glue, and tile nippers and I was on my way…

My participation was encouraged by other numerous groups hosting workshops around me in quilting, stenciling, wood carving, reptile admiration, and cookie making, just to name a few.

Kids of all ages were drawn to mosaics. I chose to redo the festival’s logo. The image was magnified onto a wooden board which was then cut to precision. Being a three day festival, I cheered on the participants to gather materials from home to be recycled in to the mosaic. One little kid brought a bagful of goodies after the first day all in red and white, respectively for Canada’s grand year. From red dice, to plastic forks, small red and white toy cars, to saucers and cups. This mosaic turned out to be full of whim and vigor.