Little Free Library - COVID times 2020

Since the first time I came upon one of these, I’ve kept it in the back of my mind that one day I too would create one for my neighbourhood. Well, with a little bit of effort from my good neighbours I was able to realize this project to fruition.

Our neighbourhood has a very active residents association. Once I found an ideal location I shared the idea with them. Delighted and enthusiastic, we approached the land owners, a quaint Anglican Church. Everyone was very supportive! Considering that a nearby park already had a little free library, I wanted to create one that attracted kids of all ages. Not long after that we managed to acquire a small, but sufficient budget. A wonderful neighbour volunteered to construct the library and soon after the fun began.

This is where mosaic art is magical in every way. From little toy parts, to dice, beads, buttons and key chains, the library would be decorated with objects that could introduce new stories. It is a magical little house of goodies.

Once the project was completed, we introduced a selection of children’s books and teen novels.

It is my sincere wish this little free library brings much value to avid readers and growing minds. Above all, I hope the community shares and cares for it, building good memories and new friendships.