Five C Mural - Citizenship, Common Sense, Cooperation, Caring and Courage

The Harrison Public School mural was initiated by an arts charity called Art House, that offers art programs to children in Halton, Ontario, for free. I’m fortunate to collaborate with them on various projects and this one in particular had an unusual approach. Unlike settling into my comforts with a tile nipper in hand, I engaged the students with paint brushes instead.

This mural took us just over a month to complete. Students from grades 2 and 3 met with me on a weekly basis. Together, we came up with a concept, design, colour scheme, and approach. The students approached the images enthusiastically and energetically.

We chose a pastel colour palette with defining black outlines.

The public school has adopted five values they’ve categorized as the FIVE C’s. They are Citizenship, Common Sense, Cooperation, Caring and Courage.

These values were beautifully captured into bubbles portrayed in the overall image of two children blowing bubbles into the distance.