FAQ (Services)


How many people can you have in one workshop?
I offer sessions in my own studio and can host up to 8 participants.

I also offer workshops off-site, wherever is convenient for you and can have up to 30 people participating in one workshop.

Do I need experience making art to join your workshop?
No previous artistic experience is necessary to join my workshops. Most of my classes are beginner friendly, and accommodate the seasoned artist.

Is mosaic art safe? Will I cut myself?
In some of my workshops, we use a hand held tool called the tile nipper. With this tool, you will learn to cut ceramic and glass tiles. There is always a small level of risk while handling this material. It is not common to get cut during my workshops. In addition to providing a separate compartment for the cutting process, I also provide safety glasses and gloves for extra protection. 

Can I bring material from home to work with?
Yes, I always invite participants to bring their own materials they’d like to work with. I’ll check in with you prior to the workshop.

What substrate do you mosaic on?
In all workshops I will provide the backing / substrate which are made out of wood.

Will I be able to hang my mosaic outdoors?
Generally, mosaics made on wood are not recommended to use for exterior decoration. 

It will last for a few seasons, but as wood is an organic material, it will flex and warp overtime, causing the tiles to pop off. If you are interested in learning how to create a mosaic for exterior use, YAY, I’ll be very excited to share ideas. Likewise, join my newsletter list and stay tuned for potential workshops down the road.

How long will it take to complete my mosaic?
This depends on the project. Generally, in a one time workshop, you will learn to design and apply your tiles. Participants will then take home a grouting kit to complete the mosaic at home. (Instructional video provided) The grouting component will tidy up the mosaic pieces. All the gaps and joints will be filled with grout, having a more cohesive work of art. 


What kind of work can I commission you for?
I accept commissions for projects ranging in:

  • Garden Decor : stepping stones, decorative items, patio tables, birdbaths
  • Home accents : kitchen backsplashes, bathroom and floor tiling, wall accents, framed works of art
  • Pet portraits : a portion of the proceeds from these commissions will be donated to the Oakville Milton Humane Society
  • Memorials

Will you create your own design or can give you a design to work with?
Both options work. After an initial consultation, we will discuss design options. I strive to please the client. 

How much do you charge for commission?

Each project is different. The fees combine a list of contents, like preparation, design, materials, fabrication, and installation. 

A general rule of thumb for pricing commissioned work is based on a fabrication cost of $10 per square inch.

How long will it take to complete the commission?
As above, each project is different. This is very particular to the scale of each project. 

Please contact me to inquire about specific projects.