E.W. Foster Public School Mosaic

Students from EW Foster Elementary School in Milton and I spent close to two months working to create a permanent mosaic to adorn the school’s entrance hallway.

Grades 4 and 5’s from the school’s multicultural club; also known as The Diversity Club, were involved. The students were extremely open to talking about acceptance, non-judgement, friendship, communication, awareness, inclusion, and creating together.

They were eager to learn about mosaic art and collaborated beautifully at every session. From designing a mosaic to preparing the substrate, these kids learned more than the basics of creating a community art piece project; and I feel I learned as much from their personalities.

We chose the image of a tree to represent the ever evolving growth experienced through education and collaboration with others. The title, Diversi-Tree, came spontaneously to us on installation day. It was a beautiful way of captioning a project involving the school and club’s wholesome values.