Easter Egg Mosaic art kit. Decorative mosaic art egg shape.

Easter Egg Kits

Easter coincides with Spring, which is a time for cleansing and renewing. For centuries, many countries have taken the Christian tradition of decorating eggs to celebrate transformation into a new life. 

As you may have seen before, there are many examples of decorative easter eggs, like dipping whole egg shells into a mixture of vinegar and food colouring to create beautifuly coloured eggs. Or Pysanky eggs which are a Ukrainian tradition of delicately painting eggs using a wax resist method.

The DIY Easter Egg kits available here are a take on these traditions and use the mix of beautiful mosaic tiles to decorate a flat egg shaped wooden backing. The DIY Easter Egg kits are a great way to express the Spring season. The tiles included in each kit are out of ceramic and glass tiles. Each Easter egg kit has multiple combinations of designs you can apply. The DIY factor gives one control over how to complete the work of art. As it is a time for creating transitions and new habits, this Easter egg kit activity reflects the season of change and transformation.


Purchase with Purpose

As an independent artist, my work stems out into different directions. I welcome commissions, I facilitate community art projects, and teach independent workshops.

I see my role in the arts as a way to bring out expressions of oneself, through beautiful colour and designs as well as the exploration of self through visual art. 

I personally feel compelled to help out when I can for world causes. If I can do this through my art practice, it is a gift to be shared. 

In 2022 as the war broke out in Ukraine, I felt compelled to help right away and was drawn to the potential that I could make a difference through donations from the proceeds of the DIY Easter Egg mosaic art kits. So together, with everyone who purchased a kit, we were able to donate a portion to the Canada Ukraine Foundation. It was encouraging to know that together, through the power of purchasing a physical art product we could make a greater difference in the world. 

Now in 2023, when Turkiye was crumbling through the multitude of earthquakes, I again felt compelled to help out. The DIY Easter Eggs kits have ironically coincided with these critical world crisis. I am moved to get these kits out in the world and help make a difference.

Each DIY Easter Egg kit is self contained. It includes a wooden egg shape backing, beautiful glass and ceramic tiles, adhesive, grout, and instructions. The eggs can then be used as a special meaningful message with a written note on the back or can be wrapped in tulle fabric and added in a beautiful Easter basket.

In addition, you can find a collection of my pre-decorated mosaic eggs under the Original Works of art section of the shop. Proceeds from those particular sales will be donated 100% to help with Turkiye.

We will keep you posted on the funds delivered.

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