Expressions through Mosaics and Collage Art

From stained glass, ceramics, paper prints and fabric, to tempered glass and trinkets, Elena uses a combination of materials to produce expressive, unique works of art.

Hi there!

I'm Maria-Elena.

Most people call me Elena. I'm a Canadian based mixed media mosaic artist. With a background in the healing arts, I have led multiple community art projects and I'm always eager to work on new projects.

My personal studio work is ever evolving and derives from traveling and life experiences. I use the connection of objects, texture, and colour to express and celebrate the huge diversity we have in our world.

Over the years, I have developed a collection of D.I.Y. kits available for everyone, at any skill level to try mosaic art.

I invite you to try it out.

Get one!

Commissioned Projects

Community Art Projects

I work independently and collaboratively. My work can be found in homes, public spaces, and community centres.